Notes on the Sculpture and Architecture in Renaissance in Europe


The revival of the study of antiquity left a greater impact in the field of sculpture and architecture. Great master­pieces of Greeks and Romans were discovered and imitated by the Italian and other European artists.

While some sculptors copied the ancient originals, others produced outstanding pieces which could rival the Greek creations. Some of the outstanding sculptors of the renaissance period were Michelangelo, Benvenuto Cellini, Lorenzo Ghiberti etc.

A new style of architecture known as Renaissance style of architecture was developed during this period. This architecture was a modification of the Greek and Roman forms of architecture. The best specimen of the Renaissance architecture is represented by the St. Peter Church in Rome which contains brilliant marble mosaic and painted frescoes.


A number of palaces and tombs were also constructed which bear the impression of the new spirit. To satisfy the demands for grace lacet-shaped windows and tall slender spires were built.

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