The Hindu temple which began in this period has Simple Square as its group plan. It can be a single shrine or temple dedicated to a single deity to temple complexes enshrining multiple Gods and Goddesses besides the main deity.

Main features, its development in the Southern Parts:

1. The structure of the South Indian Temples was like pyramids.

2. There were many storey’s in the South Indian temples.


3. Each upper storey was smaller than the storey below it.

4. These temples had large enclosures.

5. These temples had Gopurams or imposing and impressive gateways.

6. These temples had pillared halls. These halls are very big and are meant for worship.


7. These halls are decorated with figures of the gods and the animals.

8. The towers of these temples were also decorated with fine specimen of sculptures. Some of the most important temples of the ancient and medieval periods were as under :

(i) The Lingraja temple of Bhubaneswar.

(ii) The Sun Temple in Konark popularly known as the Black Pagoda.


(iii) The great temples of Khajuraho.

(iv) The Jain temples at Mount Abu.

(v) The cave temples of Ajanta, Elephanta, Ellora, the mandapas and the rathas.