List of events as per their First Beginning in India


1825-First issue of Postal Stamp in Sind.

1851-First Official Telegraph Line between Calcutta (Kolkata) and Diamond Habour (24-Prgs.) in Oct.

1853-First Indian Railway train from Boribunder (Mumbai) to Thane on 16th April.


1887-First Modern Steel Plant at Kulti; Victoria Terminus (VT) constructed in Bombay (Mumbai).

1897-98-First Hydro-electric Station set up at Darjeeling.

1911-First Air-mail in India and the world from Bambrauli to Naini (Allahabad) 6 miles.

1925-First Electric Train Service between Bombay (Mumbai) and Kurla.


1927-Wireless broadcasting by a private company at Bombay (Mumbai).

1956-First large-scale nuclear rector Apsara was put into operation on 4th August.

1984-First Metro Rail in Calcutta (Kolkata).

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