Jahangir’s Conquest of Kangra and Kistwar


Jahangir also thought of capturing the Fort of Kangra which Akbar had failed to do. Murtaza Khan, Governor of the Punjab, was directed to conquer Kangra, but he failed on account of the jealousy and opposition of the Rajput chiefs who were associated with him. Then Price Khurram was put in charge of the command.

The siege of Kangra was pushed on for weeks. Supplies were cut off. The garrison had to live on boiled dry grass. It was faced with death and starvation. After a siege of 14 months, the fort surrendered in November, 1620. In 1621, Jahangir visited it and ordered the slaughter of a bullock at hat place. A mosque was also built within the fort of Kangra.

Conquest of Kistwar (1620) :


The District of Kistwar had been able to maintain its independence in spite of the conquest of Kashmir. Efforts had been made in the time of Akbar to conquer it, but those were not crowned with success. Dilawar Khan, the Governor of Kashmir, brought the Raja of Kistwar to Jahangir in 1620. On account of the oppression of the Governor, the people revolted and a strong army had to be sent to crush the revolt. It was in 1622, that law and order was restored in Kistwar and the people settled down to a life of peace.

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