(a) Science is a body of knowledge, facts and truths about the universe, world and everything around us.

(b) Science means application of the right method or formulae to arrive at the correct fact and truth of our universe- the Scientific Method.

(c) The scientific method involves learning by observation, questioning, rea­soning and experimentation.

(d) Scientists need instruments, implements and mathematics in order to ob­serve, measure, experiment and calculate to test their theories and estab­lish scientific truths.


(e) Renaissance men tested the scientific knowledge of the Greeks and Arabs. Similarly, the achievements of the Renaissance scientists have become the starting point of modern day science.

(f) Leonardo da Vinci dissected bodies of criminals to make his paintings of the human body more accurate. He designed a flying machine from ob­serving a bird in flight.

(g) The mathematical proofs by Copernicus and Kepler were ultimately proved correct by Galileo’s use of the telescope to establish that the earth re­volves around the Sun and not vice versa.

(h) In physics, Galileo proved that heavy or light bodies, when thrown from a height, would reach the ground at the same time.