How the Politics of Switzerland influenced by the Revolution of 1848?


The political life of the people of Switzerland was also greatly influenced by the Revolution of 1848. At that time, the condition of Switzerland was not satisfactory.

Although a republican form of government had already been established there before the outbreak of the Revolution of 1848, the administration of the country was controlled by the nobles and feudal lords.

The wealthy people of the middle class enjoyed the political rights while the common people were deprived of them. As the people of the middle class enjoyed majority in the government, they enacted legislations to suit their own interests and for their own benefits.


The religious differences among the people of Switzerland had also spoiled the atmosphere of the country. In many cantons, the Roman Catholics had established their own federations and thus, they controlled the administration of those cantons. It seemed that Switzerland would be divided into two parts based on religion.

The patriots of the country were aware of this dangerous situation. The success of the French Revolution of 1848 gave them impetus and they revolted against the government of the wealthy people.

They united and revolted against the reactionary confederation of the Roman Catholics. In this struggle, the Protestants emerged successful. The confederation of the Roman Catholics was ended and a liberal form of government was established in Switzerland on the basis of a new constitution.

The common people were given the right to participate in the administration of the country. In this way, the revolutionaries had their way in Switzerland.

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