How failure of the League of Nations constituted a major factor in the World War II?


How failure of the League of Nations constituted a major factor in the World War II? How began the World War II? Name the two contending parties in the World War II.

a. Failure of the League:

The peace machinery, the league of Nations, was torn into pieces when Japan, Germany and Italy embarked upon their ambitious policy of invading one country after another.


The League of Nations as a peace-machinery depended upon the support of the Powers. But when the peace was disturbed due to the aggression of the Fascist Powers the Big Powers failed to stand by the League and thus failed to take effective steps for the maintenance of the world peace.

Thus the league outlived its utility when the member-states began to carry on their aggressive designs. For instance, the League of Nations practically failedlo take any effective measure against Italy.

Japan’s occupation of Manchuria was, in fact, the first major step towards liquidation of the League of Nations.

The ineffectiveness in these cases registered its failure. And failure of the world peace-keeping machinery was an important factor in the World War II.


b. World War II Starts:

It was with the invasion of Poland by Germany that made the World War II inevitable.

Britain and France had guaranteed Poland that they would under no circumstances allow Poland to suffer the same fate as of Czechoslovakia.

Thus Germany’s aggression on Poland forced Britain and France to declare war upon Germany two days after the invasion of Poland. Thus the World War II began on 3 September, 1939.


c. Contending Parties:

The two contending parties in the World War II were: the Allied Powers and Axis Powers.

The Allied Powers comprised Britain, France, USA, etc. and later joined by the USSR. The Axis Powers consisted of Germany, Italy and Japan.

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