How did the Mughal central control over the provinces weaken?


The process of the breakaway of different regions from the Mughal central control had started from the beginning of the eighteenth century. This political process accentuated further after 1720 due to a variety of reasons.

Failure on the part of the imperial administration to meet the situation arising out of the increase in number and intensity of the droughts as well as the Maratha raids brought to the surface the weakness of the Mughal authority.

The provincial governors (or Subahdars) received no help whatsoever from the imperial authority to meet situations like the Maratha raids and the revolts of the zamindars. Over and above, the revenue income of the provinces also showed a considerable decline due to the incidents of famine between 1720 and 1730.


All this led to a breach of loyalty of the provincial governors to the Mughal Emperors. The provincial governors now fell back upon their own resources to control the provinces. Sometimes they even came to an understanding with the recalcitrant zamindars of the locality this was how the Mughal central authority lost all its control over the provinces resulting in the disintegration of the Mughal Empire.

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