How did the Hindu-Muslim cooperate with each other during the Revolt of 1857?


During the Revolt of 1857 the Hindus and Muslims fought shoulder to shoulder against their common enemy-the English. No doubt the British tried in all possible ways to transform the joint Hindu- Muslim struggle into a communal war between the two communities.

But this was unsuccessful as it was realized that any Hindu-Muslim divide was sure to weaken the combined strength to fight the English.

Rather our rebel ancestors used religion to advance the revolutionary struggle. A proclamation was issued in Delhi that upon the Hindus and Muslims to unite against the British infidels in the name of their respective religions.


Other proclamations also similarly expressed the urgent need for Hindu-Muslim unity. The Muslim religious millenarians (those who believed in the future days of happiness) issued proclamations urging upon the Hindus and Muslims to stand united against the fringes (English).

The famous Azimgarh Proclamation of 1857 may be referred to as an example.

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