The Allahabad pillar inscription of Samudragupta shows that there were four or five petty states in Kalinga. Only two are known from the inscriptions viz. Pishtapura and Devarashtra.

Pishtapura was the capital of the kingdom. It was ruled by the Mathara family and the ear ruler was Shankaravarman. Shaktivarman was son and successor who called himself ‘the lo the Kalinga country’. Shaktivarman was succe by his son Prabhanjanavarman, who shifted capital to Simhapura.

He also called him kalinga-adhipati i.e. lord of Kalinga and ruler the country between the Krishnavenna and Mahanadi. He was succeeded Anantashaktivarman. After him came Umavar Chandvarman and Vishakhavarman. These kf may have ruled during the period AD 350-450.

At the end of Vishakhavarman’s rei Prabhanjanavarman of Devarashtra usurped power. He and his successors ruled from Deva~ in the Vizagapatam region. Avantavarman is last known ruler of this dynasty.


The Vakata invaded his kingdom. Consequently, a new ro family, called the Gangas, established itself Kalinga and started an era commencing in AD 4 In Southern Kalinga a new family called Duraja established itself at Pishtapura. The founder of family was Ranadurjaya. This family was fina overthrown by Pulkeshin II.