Get Information on the Rebellion of Sikhs against Aurangzeb


The Sikhs also suffered at the hands of Aurangzeb. After the death of Har Kishan, Teg Bahadur became the 9th Guru of the Sikhs. The Guru set up his Headquarters at Anandpur in the Hoshiarpur District. Guru Teg Bahadur visited Patna in 1666. In 1668, he accompanied Raja Ram Singh, son of Raja Jai Singh, to Assam but returned to Anandpur. He was called Sacha Padshah by the Sikhs. He protested against the Anti-Hindu Policy of Aurangzeb.

According to Khafi Khan, “Aurangzeb ordered the temples of the Sikhs to be destroyed and the Guru’s agents collecting the tithes and presents of the faithful to be expelled from the cities.” Aurangzeb was annoyed on account of the Guru’s encouragement of the Hindus to resist his religious policy. The Guru was summoned to Delhi and asked to become a Muslim. He refused to do so and was put to death in 1675 after a lot of torture. Another story is that the Guru was asked to prove his Guruship by a miracle. The Guru wrote a charm on a piece of paper and when his head was cut off from the body; the following words were found written on the paper: “Sir Diya Sar na Diya” or “Sir Diya Din na Diya.”

After the death of Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Govind Singh became the 10th Guru and he made up his mind to have revenge for the death of his father. Open war started between the Sikhs and the Mughals. Guru Govind Singh organised the Khalsa into a Military Organisation. He revolutionized the philosophy of Sikhs.


According to him, “I shall make men of all four castes into lions and destroy the Mughals.” He organised an army and built forts on the hills. From 1695 onwards he fought successfully against the Rajas of North Punjab and the Mughal Officials. Ultimately, he was defeated by the Mughals. Two of his sons were captured and executed with great cruelty.

It is stated that when Aurangzeb was nearing his death, he summoned Guru Govind Singh and promised him good treatment. However, he died in 1707 when Guru Govind Singh was on his way to meet him. The Guru was stabbed to death in 1708 by an Afghan. He was succeeded by Banda Bahadur and the latter carried on the struggle against the Mughals.

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