Get complete information on the political life of Malikarjuna, Virupaksha II



Deva Raya II was succeeded by his son Mallikarjuna who ruled from 1446 to 1465. He was successful in beating back a combined attack by the Bahmani Sultan and the Raja of Orissa. He was able to keep his kingdom intact. Narasimha, the Saluva chief of Chandragiri, came into prominence during this reign and he played an important part in checking foreign aggression.

Virupaksha II


Mallikarjuna was succeeded by his brother Virupaksha II. He ruled from 1465 to 1486. As he was an incompetent ruler, there was confusion and disorder in the country. The result was that some of the provinces revolted against the central authority.

The rulers of the Bahmani kingdom also tried to advance into the Doab between the Krishna and the Tungabhadra. Raja Purushottama Gajapati of Orissa advanced as far south as Tiruvannamelai. In order to save the Vijayanagar Empire, Narasimha deposed Virupaksha II in 1486 and he captured the throne. This is known as the First Usurpation. The Sangama dynasty was ended and the Saluva dynasty came into existence.

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