The party that wins the majority of seats in the Legislature forms the government. One can say that representative democracy means the rule of the majority. The government should represent the largest number of people. Occasionally, one single party does not get a clear majority. In that case a group of parties combine to form the government. This is known as a coalition government. Alternatively, the political party with the largest number of seats can form the government if it receives the support of other parties and independent candidates.


The parties that are in the minority form the opposition. The minority also has an important role to play in the government of the country. Both the majority and minority are meant to cooperate and work together for the welfare of the people. The majority cannot ignore the opinion of the minority and it is the duty of the minority to support measures and policies that will benefit the country.

Democracy can only succeed if the people have faith in this system. If we have any complaints, we should put them forward in a peaceful manner and try to fully understand the decisions of the government before protesting against them. Only then our democracy will be able to function at its best.