Essay on the uniform system of administration as introduced by the British Government


a. Political and Administrative Unity:

The British government of India in its own interests introduced a uniform system of administration after it had brought the country under his political domination.

This unity forged by the British made the people realize that the same British rule was responsible for their suffering.


The people living in northern part of India were in the same way made to suffer like those in the southern part.

This realization was in itself an important factor that helped the growth of a common national outlook.

b. Breakdown of the Traditional Economy:

During the long two hundred years of the British rule, the British imperialists change< their economic policy towards India again and again.


But such changes in no way attest the basic character of the British rule which was nothing but ‘unmixed exploitation’.

Economic centralization effected by the British brought an end to the dividing line between a village and a city.

The agricultural produce was transported to the cities from villages. The villagers now had to depend on cities for the supply of the necessary articles of daily use.

This mutual dependence between villagers and the city-dwellers paved the way for the emergence of nationalist sentiment.


c. Economic Discontent:

The economic distress under the British rule made all sections of the population discontented.

The economic historian of the contemporary India Romes Chandra Dutt as also Dadabhai Naoraji showed how India was being impoverished by the British exploitators.

The people, particularly the middle class, realized that the poverty of India and her people would not come to an end till such time as the Indians themselves did not take the reins of administration of the country.

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