Buildings Constructed by Sher Shah


As regards the buildings of Sher Shah, he was responsible for the construction of Rohtasgarh on the Jhelum. The Purana Quila of New Delhi is said to have been constructed by him. According to Fergusson, “The Purana Quila is the most perfect of Sher Shah’s buildings. According to Smith, “The short-lived and unstable Sur Dynasty of which Sher Shah was the most distinguished member, had such a hard fight for existence that it could not have been expected to pay much attention to architecture.

Nevertheless, several meritorious buildings are due to the Sur Dynasty and the Mausoleum of Sher Shah at Sahsaram built on a lofty plinth in the midst of a lake, is one of the best designed and most beautiful buildings in India unequalled among the early buildings in the Northern Provinces for grandeur and dignity. Cunningham was half inclined to prefer it to even Taj-the style may be described as intermediate between the austerity of the Tughlaq buildings and the feminine grace of Shah Jahan’s masterpiece.”

The Waqiat-i-Mushtaqi has given the following account of daily routine of Sher Shah : “Sher Shah was occupied night and day with the business of his’ kingdom, and never allowed himself to be idle. At the end of night he arose, perfomed his ablutions and said his prayers. Afterwards he called in his officers and managers to report all the occurrences of the day. Four hours he listened to the reading of reports on the affairs of the country or on business of the Government establishments.


The orders which he gave were reduced to writing and were issued and acted upon, there was no need of further discussion. Thus he remained engaged till morning arrived. When it was time for prayers, he performed his devotions in a large congregation, and went through all the forms of prayer. Afterwards he received his nobles and soldiers, and made inquiries as to the horses brought to receive their brands.

Then he went out and made a personal inspection of his forces, and settled the allowances of each individual by word of mouth until all was arranged. He then attended to many other affairs and audited accounts. Petitions were received from every quarter, and replies were sent; he himself dictated them in Persian, and the scribes committed them to writing. Every person who came to wait upon him was received in the palace.”

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