Bolshevism as a movement of socialism can be very well described as :Marxism in action


Bolshevism as a movement of socialism can be very well described as ‘Marxism in action’. Its chief advocate was Lenin. He emphasized the need of a socialist revolution, which could even be violent, to usher in a socialist society.

This revolution would pass through an inter­mediate stage between individualism and pure communism when the capi­talist state will be maintained but it would be used by the proletariat to suppress the bourgeois. This intermediate stage would come to an end at some in determinate date and an era of pure communism would dawn.

In a classless society which would thus emerge all kinds of Wealth shall be socialized and men would work not for the sake of rewards but as a means of self-expression. There would be no place for use of force in such a society and ultimately the state shall wither away. Lenin also laid empha­sis on the international character of revolution. He argued that Commu­nist could not exist with safety in one country only and, therefore, efforts could be made to stir up revolution in all capitalist communities.


He emphasized the need of making effective use of Communist International or Comintern to bring about revolution in other countries.

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