What is Bhakti Movement?


The bhakti movement was as remarkable episode of medieval history. It created as new awareness in Indian society. The religious thought of time came under as new influence. Man’s spiritual outlooks were enriched. The culture of the age received as fresh vigor.

A number of famous saints preached the cult of Bhakti. Bhakti or devotion was shown as the simplest way to reach God. There was no necessity for deep philosophical knowledge, costly ceremonies, or difficult rituals. Surrender to God was the only need of true religion. The Bhakti cult carried and emotional appeal to the mind of men.

Among the medieval Bhakti preachers, the following were the most famous.

  • Ramanuja
  • Nimbarka
  • Ramananda
  • Kabir
  • Nanak
  • Sri Chaitanya


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