Administrative Measures taken by the Egyptian Government Against British


In view of provocations from the British and the growing resentment of Egyptian against the British, the Egyptian Government was obliged to take necessary measures for the implementation of its declared plans.

It encouraged the people not to co-operate with the British forces in the Suez Canal Zone, and offered to give maintenance allowance to workers in the service of the British during the period of their struggle against foreign domination.

The call produced a tremendous impact and nearly 80,000 native civilian workers serving the British in the Canal Zone withdrew from their jobs. This virtually paralyzed the working of the Suez Canal. The British Government brought substitute workers from Cyprus, Malta and East Africa but they could not cope with the work.


The Egyptian Government also sought to enlist the support of extremist organizations like the Mqslim Brotherhood in the struggle against the British by restoring the property and funds of the members and permitting them to hold meetings and resume publications.

It encouraged the people to learn the use of fire-arms and helped in the formation of the Liberation battalions by extending necessary training facilities. People were asked to boycott the British goods. In short, the Egyptian Government took all possible actions to promote and sustain the anti-imperialist struggle.

At the threats by the British authorities to crush the national struggle of the Egyptians with the help of force failed to produce the desired impact and the Egyptians reacted with matching determination and firmness.

The atrocities committed by the-British did not deter them and ultimately culminated in the incidents of 26 January 1952, popularly known as Black Saturday, when a section of the excited “demonstrators resorted to violence and destructive activities.


Within a matter of few hours over 750 establishments in Cairo mostly owned by the Britishers, were burnt and destroyed. Thirty foreign nationals, including eleven British, lost their lives while several hundred were injured. In short, Egypt was afire with desire for full freedom and restoration of national dignity.

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