14 objective type questions on History with answers


1. When did the Great Famine of Bengal take place?

Ans. In 1770.

2. Who introduced the Permanent Settlement?


Ans. Lord Cornwallis.

3. In India where was the Permanent Settlement first introduced?

Ans. Bengal and Bihar.

4. Mention one revenue settlement other than the Permanent Settlement?


Ans. Ryotwari Settlement.

5. When was the ‘free – trade’ announced?

Ans. In 1813

6. When was the railways first introduced in India?


Ans. In 1853.

7. What was the land revenue settlement introduced in the Deccan?

Ans. Ryotwari Settlement.

8. Where the Mahalwari system was first introduced?


Ans. In north India.

9. Who were the Lambanhrs?

Ans. Village headmen.

10. Who were known as the Sowcars?


Ans. Moneylenders.

11. Who was a Mahajan?

Ans. Wholesalers.

12. Which article had a constant demand in the European markets?

Ans. Muslin of Dacca.

13. What crisis formed the background of the Permanent Settlement?

Ans. Great Famine of 1770.

14. Who purchased the land when put to auction?

Ans. Absentee landlords.

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