What were the causes of the first Anglo-Maratha War?


Get the answers of: What were the causes of the first Anglo-Maratha War? Between whom was the Treaty of Salbai signed? How far was the British expansionist policy successful?

The first Anglo-Maratha War triggered off because the English got themselves involved in the domestic affairs of the Marathas with the motive of deriving certain privileges.

After the third battle of Panipath, the Marathas sought to unite themselves under the leadership of Nana Phadnavis around Peshwa Madhav Rao II.


But one Raghunath Rao claimed for himself the office of the Peshwa and appealed to the English for help: The English, who espoused the cause of Raghunath Rao, thus got involved in a war with the Marathas (1775).

Initially, the English suffered reverses and were compelled to sign the convention of Wadgaon (1779). The matter worsened for the English when the Nizam and Haidar Ali also declared war against them.

In the teeth of the crisis Warren Hastings acted with sagacity. He saved the situation for the English by alienating the belligerent parties from one another.

Between Who Signed?


In 1782, the treaty of Salbai, signed between the English and the Marathas, brought the first Anglo- Maratha War to an end.

The British Successful?

The expansionist policy of the British was highly successful For the British adopted various policies that suited them from time to time.

They did not follow war for annexation uniformly. When they found that the native powers could be subdued and a subsidiary alliance could be easily thrust upon them the British refrained from following a path of warfare.


This policy doubly benefitted the English For to establish domination over such powers there was no need for spending money and wage war.

Thus either by warfare or by machinations the British, by 1856 established a vast British Empire in India.

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