What are the aims and objectives Medical Inspection in India?


Following are the aims and objectives of medical inspection:

1. To keep the students physically fit and to enable them to receive education in a proper manner.

2. To bring about physical and mental development of the children. If proper medical examination is done, defects and drawbacks may be found out and it shall be possible to guide the students to take proper steps that would help them to develop into healthy citizens.


3. Medical inspection is also helpful in moral development. A student, who is physically and mentally developed in a proper manner, can have no fears about his moral development. He is sure to have proper habits. It is also possible to inculcate proper habits in the students with the help of medical inspection.

4. Through medical inspection it is possible to know about the physiological conditions of the students. Through this knowledge the teachers can plan their education. Similarly, the guardians and the parents also be advised to look after their wards in the light of report of the doctor.

5. Medical inspection is helpful in creating a healthy atmosphere in the school. Medical examination helps the students to acquire knowledge about certain requirements of the health.

6. Medical inspection in the school adds to public health. If the students are healthy it is possible to make the entire society healthy.


7. Through medical inspection it is possible to detect the special children. Their education may be planned accordingly.

8. Sometimes this medical inspection also adds to the education of teachers. The teachers know about the things that they are to get in the students. This knowledge will help them educate their students in regard to health and hygiene.

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