Write a short note on treatment of drug Addiction


Proper treatment of drug addiction depends upon the type of drug being used, age of the patient and the period for which he has been addicted. Generally, the younger patients can be treated more easily. Treatment of drug addiction requires sustained, patient and sympathetic support from the family, friends, doctor and the persons who come in contact with the patient.

Patient must be treated under the care of a doctor who specializes in this type of therapy. In our country, in big cities there are special clinics where a proper environment and good medical care is provided to treat drug addicts. While treating drug addicts, drug is not stopped abruptly but its daily dose is reduced systematically.

Sudden stoppage or even drastic reduction of daily dose produces painful withdrawal symptoms. This may result in violent illness or acute mental depression. During treatment, the patient must be given good diet with plenty of fresh fruits and fruit juices. It is very important that the patient himself should have strong desire to stop taking drugs.

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