Some useful Yoga tips for getting relieve from Hepatitis


Hepatitis is the inflammation of liver. It refers to derangement of liver’s structure due to over exposure to specific chemicals, drugs or poisons, and after certain viral infection.

Yogic Management

Yoga has a limited role to play in the initial recovery. After recovery the following Yogic program can be followed:


Asana: Paschimottasana, Vipareet Karani and Shashankasana, Yoga Mudra, Halasana.

Pranayama: Bhastrika, Surya Vedan, Nadi Sodhana

Mudra and Bandha: Vipareet Karani, Yoga Mudra, Uddiana Bandha.

Kriyas: Kunjal, Dhouti, Shankhaprakshalana

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