Notes on the Symptoms and treatment of Dislocation of Bone


When a bone is displaced for its original position, it is known as dislocation of bone. Mainly dislocation is caused by jerk, sudden fall on out stretching hand or leg. Generally, shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, lower jaw and mainly the joint places get dislocated.


(i) There is intense pain;


(ii) Swelling of the affected part;

(iii) Abnormal mobility of the limb;

(iv) Loss of power;

(v) Lose of normal function;


(vi) Deformity of the limb.


To keep in position, the affected part should be tightened with a cold water soaked bandage.

The movement of the affected part should be strictly restricted.


When it is accompanied with the fracture of the bone and if there is bleeding, proper care should be taken to stop the bleeding first.

Utmost measures should be taken to release stage of shock of the patient.

For further treatment specialist should be refeĀ­rred to.


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