There are certain diseases that take a long lime to develop. These diseases are called chronic germ diseases. Tuberculosis is a specific communicable disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It affects both the pulmonary and non pulmonary tissues. This disease may be acute or chronic, general or local. These bacilli are microscopic and were first discovered in 1882.

Causes of Tuberculosis

1. Tuberculosis is caused by bacillus that may creep into the body through the skin contact or infection droplet.

2. Due to bad food and malnutritive diet.


3. Heredity is also responsible for this disease.

4. In big cities lack of ventilation and fresh air bring about this disease.

5. Infected eatables and drinks are also responsible for spreading this disease.

6. Lack of vitamins and blood in the body.


7. Lack of rest and sleep in addition to alcohols.

Kinds of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is of the following two kinds:

(1) Pulmonary Tuberculosis.


(2) Non-pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis

This disease generally affects the grown-up people. Children do not fall a prey to this disease.

Characteristics and Symptoms


(1) Temperature rises in the afternoon and the evening.

(2) Breathing and pulse rate goes high.

(3) The disease begins with coughing. After some time there is pain in the chest and the throat.

(4) In advanced cases, blood also comes out with sputum.


Prevention and Treatment

(1) It is always wise to have a B.C.G. vaccination. This Vaccine was introduced in 1949 in India.

(2) The living places should be kept neat and clean.

(3) They should be free from collection of smoke, dust, dirt, etc.


(4) Person suffering from tuberculosis should be kept away.

(5) The sputum and the excreta of the patient should be burnt properly.

(6) The patient of tuberculosis should be kept free from hard work and worries.

(7) Arrangement should be made to send the patient to some Sanatorium, where he may be able to gel proper atmosphere and treatment.

(8) In order to avoid tuberculosis, one should keep the place of residence and the body neat and clean.

(9) Attempt should be made to have a nutritive and health giving diet.

(10) Walking should be done during morning and evening hours in order to gel fresh air.

Only medical experts can prescribe proper treatment for this disease.

Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis

This type of tuberculosis is connected with the intestine, abdomen and other parts of the body. Children generally fall prey to such a disease. It has greater effect on the bones and intestine etc.


A person suffers from constipation or diarrhea. By and by there is pain in the stomach and the intestine or bones or other parts of the body, infection or tuberculosis.


It may be caused by the following:

(1) Bad and malnutritive diet.

(2) Too much of worrying.

(3) Early marriage.

(4) Taking infected things.

(5) Living in unhygienic atmosphere.

Prevention and Treatment

(1) It is necessary to live in a healthy atmosphere, where fresh air, sun and light may be available.

2) The patient should be kept away from others.

3) He should be sent to some sanatorium under the care of some medical expert.

(4) The place of the patient should be hygienic, neat and clean.