Brief notes on Rheumatism (Symptoms,Treatment and Prevention)


Rheumatism affects the children as well as the grown-up people, it develops slowly. Rheumatism of the children is different from the Rheumatism of the grown-up. It is caused by microbe.


(1) It begins with fever and pain.


(2) It may cause sore throat or some disease of heart.

Treatment and Prevention

(1) It should be treated at once.

(2) The patient should be given complete rest. This would avoid the heart getting affected.


(3) Parents should keep an eye on their children so that they do not suffer any such diseases.

School and Disinfections

It is very necessary to keep the school building and articles disinfected. This would save the children form falling prey to the various diseases and ailments.

Patient’s House


Every school should have a separate room for a student who may be suspected of disease. Such a student should be separated from others.

Epidemics and Schools

When the epidemics are rising, the schools should be closed. When people collect together, the disease spreads. It is, therefore, desirable to avoid this congregation, as it would save people from this disease.

Role of the Teachers


Teachers should educate their students about the various diseases and the steps that the student should take during ailments and diseases.

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