What is Shifting Agriculture?


Shifting agriculture is also known as slash and burn cultivation.

(i) Shifting agriculture is practiced by tribal communities of tropical forest lands.

(ii) The people make a small clearing in the forest by cutting the trees and burning them.


(iii) They cultivate the land for 2 to 3 years and when the natural fertility of the soil decreases they abandon the field and shift to a new clearing which is again abandoned when the fertility of soil reduces.

(iv) The abandoned field is overrun by weeds and secondary forests.

(v) It causes soil erosion.

(vi) The produce is less and a large area is needed to support a small number of people.


(vii) It is a wasteful method of cultivation.

(viii) It is practiced in the Zaire basin, in north eastern India by the tribal people where it is known as Jhuming.

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