What are the main Characteristics of Retreating Monsoon?


Main Characteristics of Retreating Monsoon

(i) October and November are the months of retreating monsoon.

(ii) During this season low monsoon trough becomes weak and is replaced by high pressure. Thus, monsoon begins to retreat. By the beginning of October it retreats completely from Northern Plains.


(iii) This period is the period of transition from hot rainy season to cold winter season. It is marked by clear sky, moist ground and high temperatures giving birth to October Heat.

(iv) Low pressure trough shifts to Bay of Bengal. They give rise to cyclonic depressions which cause havoc on the eastern coasts-especially the coasts of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu with very strong storms and rains. The super cyclone of 1999 will remain in the memories of millions of people for over, who lost their near and dear ones along with their properties.

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