Geography is the study of the earth and its different aspects. So the complex items of the composition of the earth and its relative impact on different aspects of the environment is too complex to express to the student at very tender level without the use of teaching aids. The main teaching aids used for the teaching of geography are discussed in the following lines.

(a) Maps:

Without map/atlas/globe, geography cannot be taught. These are main sources of teaching geography. There are different types maps- maps relate to the physical side, political side, rainfall, climate, weather, agriculture, population transition, etc. They can be hand drawn and can be collected from reliable source. Sometimes globe and atlas can be effective teaching aids to express the maps location of sites in geography.

(b) Picture:


These are essential for indirect observation. They have wide variety. They include picture of different compositions, geographical areas, etc. They can be collected and prepared from magazines, publications, textbooks, postage stamps, etc.

(c) Model:

Model is a very important teaching aid for geography teaching. Model has a three-dimensional effect on the mind of the students. They are the replica of the real subject matter. Sometimes clay, paper, plaster of Paris and varieties color can be added to make suitable models of different objects.

(d) Charts:


They can explain the geographical items diagrammatically and presented in a tabular or branch form for easy and effective understanding. They provide valuable information easily and shortly.

(e) Radio, Television, Projectors:

These electronic media have wide impact in the teaching history. Topic of complex geographical items can be expressed and explained through radio, tape recorder and television, projector and even computer.

All the above teaching aids are essential items to make geography a real and interesting subject for all.