What are the difference drainage patterns?


Drainage Pattern:

i. The streams of a drainage basin from certain patterns.

ii. The patterns depend on the slope of land, underlying rock structure and the climatic conditions of the area.


iii. Common patterns found, in India are:

  • Dendritic
  • Trellis
  • Rectangular
  • Radial and
  • Centrifugal (Inland drainage) patterns.

i. The dendritic pattern develops in the areas where the underlying rock structure exerts no control.

(а) The stream with its tributaries resembles the branches of a tree. Hence its name is dendritic.

(b) This word has been derived from the Greek word dendron which means a tree.


ii. A river joined by its tributaries at almost right angles, develops a trellis pattern.

(a) This pattern develops in areas of strong structural central.

(b) Structural control means the area where hard and soft rocks exist parallel to each other forming a ridge and valley topography.

iii. A rectangular drainage pattern is developed on a strongly joined rocks terrain.


iv. It tends to follow the joint patterns.

v. A radial drainage pattern develops when streams flow in different directions from a central peaks or domelike structure.

vi. The centrifugal drainage pattern is found in the areas of inland drainage usually found in arid areas. Streams flow from all sides towards a central depression. It is generally a lake.

vii. It is worthy to note that a combination of several patterns is generally found in the same drainage basin.

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