What are the Characteristic and Effects of the Monsoon Rainfall in India?


Characteristics of Monsoon Rainfall in India :

i. Monsoon winds are not trades as trade winds are steady and permanent winds.

ii. They are not steady winds but are pulsating in nature.


iii. They are affected by different atmospheric conditions encountered by it. On its way over the warm tropical seas.

iv. The duration of the monsoon varies from 100 to 120 days from early June to mid- September.

v. Around the time of its arrival, the normal rainfall increase suddenly and continues regularly for several days.

Vii. This is called the ‘burst’ of the monsoon.


viii. They are distinguished from the pre-monsoon showers because of their increase in rainfall amount and regularity.

ix. The monsoon arrives at the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula generally by the first week of June.

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