The main features of agriculture in the Yangtse delta


The delta of the Yangtse River on the Pacific coast in China is one of the most fertile lands. The land has been under cultivation since the last 4000 years, hence, the Chinese farmers have been called “the farmers of forty centuries” Agricultural productivity is high because:

(i) The region is a perfectly leveled plain and the river is large and perennial. Dykes have been constructed to reduce damage by floods, which are very frequent in the river.

(ii) Soil is fertile, the fields are small and most of the work is done by Human labour which is supplemented by animal labour.


(iii) Rainfall occurs in summer and is supplemented by a well planned canal irrigation system.

(iv) Green manure and night soil are used as organic manure so that the level of nutrients and fertility in the soil are maintained.

(v) High yielding varieties of seeds are used and crop protection measures are adopted to protect the crops from pests and insects.

(vi) Crop rotation and multiple cropping is practiced on the fields to retain soil fertility.


(vii) Fish culture is practiced in the flooded paddy fields.

(viii) Good transport links the towns and villages, which helps in transporting the agriculture produce to the urban centres.

(ix) Cottage industry is the only industry in the area, hence there is no pollution.

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