Short Notes on Summer Season of India


Short Notes on Summer Season of India

The Hot Weather Season (summer):

i. Due to northward movement of the Sun, the global heat belt shifts northward. It is hot weather season in India from March to May.


ii. The influence of the shifting of the heat belt is seen clearly from temperature recordings taken at different latitudes during March-May.

a. In March, the highest temperature is about 38° Celsius in the Deccan Plateau.

b. In April temperatures in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh remain around 42° Celsius.

c. In May temperatures of 48° Celsius is common in the northwestern parts of the country.


iii. In Peninsular India, temperatures remain lower due to the moderating influence of the seas on three sides.

iv. Summer months experience rising temperature and falling air pressure in the northern part of the country.

v. Towards the end of May, an elongated low-pressure area develops in the region.

vi. It extends from the Thar Desert in the north-west to Patna and Chota Nagpur Plateau in east-southeast.


vii. Circulation of air begins to set in around this trough.

viii. An important feature of the hot weather season is the ‘Loo’.

a. These are strong, gusty, hot, dry winds.

b. They blow during the day over the north and northwestern India.


c. Sometimes they even continue until late in the evening.

d. Direct exposure to these winds proves to be fatal.

e. Dust storms are very common during the month of May in Northern India

· These storms bring temporary relief.


· They lower the temperature and bring light rain and cool breeze.

viii. This is also the season for localised thunderstorms.

· They are associated with violent winds.

· They cause torrential down pours.

· They are often accompanied by hail.

· In west Bengal, these storms are called ‘Kaal Baisakhi’.

ix. Towards the close of the summer season pre-monsoon showers are common especially in Kerala and Karnataka.

They help in the early ripening of mangoes.

Because of this reason they are often referred to as ‘mango showers’.

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