Short Essay on the Variability of Rainfall


There is high variability of rainfall which goes up to 75%. The area from the point of variability can be divided into the following zones:

(a) Very Low Rainfall Variability.

(Upto 15%). This area includes Malabar Coast, north-eastern states, W Bengal, northern Orissa, western M.P and parts of Bihar.


(b) Low Rainfall Variability.

It ranges between 15 to 30%. It includes some parts of Middle Eastern W Bengal, middle M.P, northern U.P, a narrow belt cast of the Western Ghats, etc.

(c) Moderate Rainfall Variability.

It ranges between 30 to 45%. It covers an area in a narrow belt east of Malabar, parts of Karnataka, T.N., central and western A.P, Maharashtra, northern M.P, southern U.P, eastern Haryana and Punjab.


(d) High Rainfall Variability.

It ranges between 45 to 55%. It covers areas in northern Maharashtra, eastern Rajasthan, central Haryana, south-western Punjab etc.

(e) Very High Rainfall Variability.

It ranges between 55 to 75% and covers most of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Thar Desert is included in it.


It is clear that in an area the variability increases with decrease of rainfall and conversely the variability decreases with the increase of rainfall.

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