Short essay on Forests in India


The forests of India cover about one-fifth of the total area of land and supply valuable timber, firewood, resins, essential oils, lac, dyeing material, source of paper pulp and other materials for commerce and industry. They also cool the air due to which there is condensation and rainfall.

These forests are mostly found in the following regions:

1. Assam Hills; 2. Chhota Nagpur; 3. Central India Hills; 4. The Eastern Ghats; 5. The Western Ghats; 6. The Western Coast Strip; 7. The Himalayas; 8. The Shivalik Hills; 9. The Sunderbans; 10. The Terai.


The following products are obtained from the forests:

(i) Rubber; (ii) Coconut; (iii) Cinchona; (iv) Bamboo; (v) Deodar; 00 Pine Wood; (vii) Dhoop; (viii) Salwood; (ix) Teak.

The following industries are mainly dependent on forests products:

1. Paper Industries; 2. Rubber Industries; 3. Raisin Industries; 4. Sports goods; 5. Lac Industries; 6. Furniture & Aluminium.

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