Rivers descending from the Himalayas have cut the Himalayas into various blocks


Rivers descending from the Himalayas have cut the Himalayas into various blocks. These are:

1. The Kashmir Himalayas.

These are in Jammu and Kashmir. These are 700 km in length and 500 km in width. The average height is to the tune of 3000 m. Pir Panjal is the most important pass. Banihal is another pass. The Jhelum and Chcnab rivers flow through them. The Kashmir valley is located in this section.


2. Punjab Himalayas run from Indus to the Sutlej for 570 km. The northern slopes arc rugged and enclose plateau with lakes like Mansrovar and Rakas Tal etc. Rohtang, Bara lapcha arc important passes. Kangra, Lahul and Spiti valleys are in this section.

3. Kumoan Himalayas are from Sutlej to Kali River, 320 km in length. Kamet, Nanda Devi etc arc important mountain peaks in this block. There exist a number of lakes like Nainital, Bhimtal etc. Ganga, Yamuna, Bhagirathi etc. originated from this section. This scction has special reverence for the Hindus. The area has sacred rivers and religious places like Badrinath, Kadarnath, Joshimath etc.

3. Nepal Himalayas extend from Kali to river Tista, 800 km in length. The highest peak Mt Everest is in this section. Dhaulgiri, Kanchan Junga, Makalu, Annapurna, Mansalu etc. are other important peaks. They are known as Sikkim Himalayas in Sikkim, Darjecling Himalayas in West Bengal and Bhutan Himalayas in Bhutan.

5. Assam Himalayas.


From the river Tista to the Brahmputra river, 720 km in length. The ranges emerge steeply above the plain area. A number of hill ranges in the region bear the name of the tribes inhabiting there like Garo, Khashi, Jaintia, Lushai, Mizo, Mikir, Miri, Aka, Dafla, Abor etc.

The Naga Hills form a watershed between India and Myanmar. Saramati is its peak. Manipur hills encircle the Cachar plain. The height ranges from 500-1000 m. Japuo peak is in Kohima hills. Garo hills cover nearly 8000 sq km.

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