6 important steps for the prevention of animal Diseases


Prevention of Animal Diseases

Now let us discuss some basic steps, which can be taken in order to prevent the common diseases among domestic animals. These steps would help in maintaining good health of the animal and ensure good yield of milk, eggs and meat.

Some of these steps are given below:

1. The animals should be kept in proper shelters. Well-designed shelters reduce the risk of diseases by discouraging the growth of disease causing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.


2. Cattle sheds or shelters should be cleaned regularly.

3. The animal should given good, nutritive feed and clean water, which will keep the animal in good health and enable them to resist infection.

4. Frequent bathing and grooming of the cattle also help in the maintenance of their good health and keep them protected against infection.

5. The animals should be vaccinated to immunise them against common diseases or infection.


6. External parasites such as lice on cattle should be controlled by applying dilute insecticide solutions.


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