How Many Seasons are Recognised in India? Do they vary in their length from South to North?

The meteorologists have recognised four seasons in India. They are as follows:

(i) The Cold Season

(ii) The Hot Season


(iii) The Season of South-west Monsoon.

(iv) The Season of Retreating Monsoon.

This seasonal pattern is not well marked in all the parts of the country. They vary in their period from South to North.

The following reasons determine this: (i) The Southern part of the country experience the tropical weather conditions throughout the year because of its proximity to the Equator and nearness to the Sea. Seasons are not well marked in this part. South India experiences only two seasons-dry and wet.


(ii) The Northern part of India experiences well marked four seasons. They are recognised as summer and winter seasons due to the distance from the sea and the Equator. Other two seasons include the season of Advancing South-west Monsoon and the season of Retreating Monsoon.