What are the harmful effects of excessive irrigation ?


Water is very important for the growth of plants but excessive irrigation of field leads to water logging of soil. Too much water is harmful for crop production as discussed under:

1. Too much water is the soil inhibits the process of germination of seeds. It due to the reason that under these conditions the seeds do not get sufficient air to respire. Is due to the reason that under these conditions the seeds do not get sufficient air to respire .our might have observed that the seeds fail to germinate, if it rains soon after sowing. This is due to excessive water in the field, which affects the soil aeration.

2. Roots do not grow properly in a waterlogged field. You must have seen that potted plants do not grow well if they are given excess water. This is due to the reason that excess water affects soil aeration and hence plants roots do not grow properly.


3. Excessive water in the fi3eld increases the amount of salt on the surface of soil due to evaporation. The accumulation of salts damages the soil fertility, except rice; almost all crops receive as ever set back in their growth when excess water stagnates. Damage caused by excess water and consequent development of salt problem can be minimized by removing standing water from the fields through proper drainage system.

4. The excessive irrigation may lead to lodging of the crop, may fall on the ground under the effect of strong winds. Due to excess water the roots of the plant may not be able to provide necessary anchorage in the wet soil.

Thus, excessive watering may damage the crop and reduce the quantity and quality of the produce. This also results in wasting of expensive water.

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