(i) Turn off all the lights/fans of a room when it is physically unoccupied

(ii) Use natural light as far as possible.

(iii) Use proper fixture, bulb/tube light, fan, air conditioner, heating element, etc.

(iv) Use proper colour & intensity for light.


(v) Fixtures should be installed at proper height and place

(vi) Fan should be fixed at proper place. Height of fan blades from floor should proper.

(vii) Light system should be properly designed.

(viii) Install chandeliers and other decorative light fixtures for public place, Areas such as Banquet rooms, bars, night clubs, disco theques etc. should have dimmers of non-resonant type.


(ix) Place alternate lights in corridors, staircases, backyards, compounds.

(x) Control neon sign, flood light, spot light for illuminating building exteriors.

(xi) Use in-store switch controls (In CB) in all lights in the guest room which can be synchronized with locking arrangement from outside the entrance door.

(xii) Use 40 W slim fluorescent tubes in guest room. This consumes 10% less energy compared to conventional 40 W tubes light.


(xiii) Compact fluorescent lamp of 40 W gives equivalent light of 75 watt incandescent lamp, use fluorescent lamps.

(xiv) At lawns, roofs, swimming pool, etc. sodium lamp, discharge lamp, electronic lamp, mercury vapour lamp should be used.

(xv) Solid state fan regulators should be used.