Essay on The Weather in Hot Season in India


This season covers the months of April to June.


During the month of May in many parts of North India temperatures go even beyond 40°C. In Western India also June is the hottest month. In this season hot winds blow in the afternoon over these parts of the country.


These winds have local name as ‘Zoo’. They are sometimes unbearable. They may cause sunstroke. In this season, even the lowest temperatures remain above 25°C.

On account of heat sand storms are frequent in this season.


Rainfall is very less in this season.


Effect of Heat.

Due to heat, the equatorial trough shifts from the south and reaches around 25°N. It draws humid air along with it from the south. On account of it the north-westerly winds are attracted towards the Western Ghats and near Bay of Bengal.

These winds become north-western. Some people think that these humid winds are equatorial westerlies. These winds auger the rainy season. In South India no such hot season is experienced.

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