Complete Information about Tropical Deciduous Forest Region


Natural Environment and Human Response of the Monsoon Region or Tropical Deciduous Forest Region

(a) Location it is located between 10° to 30° north and south of the equator on the eastern margins of the continents.

(b) Area (i) Southeastern Asia – Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Phil­ippines.


(ii) Indian subcontinent – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan.

(iii) Eastern Africa and Malagasay

(iv) North Australia

(v) Eastern Brazil


(c) Natural Environment

(i) Long hot summer with rain from June to September and cool dry winters.

(ii) They get affected by on-shore monsoon in summer and by trade winds in winter (off-shore).

(iii) Rainfall variation is high (25 to 300 cm).


(iv) Different types of soil are found, depending upon the parent rocks.

(v) Deciduous forests with hard wood trees are extensively found here.

(d) Human response

(i) Intensive subsistence agriculture is carried on, in the fertile alluvial plains.


(ii) Rice and wheat are the main food crops. Jute, cotton, sugarcane are the chief commercial crops. Plantation agriculture (of Tea, Coffee, Spices) is practiced.

(iii) Mining where minerals are found

(iv) Industrialization -mineral and agro-based industries.

(v) Fishing in rivers, lakes and coastal areas.


(vi) Tourism is well developed.

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