Methods are the ways and means through which the curriculum is transacted through teacher to the students. It is a link in the process of teaching and learning environment.

Different methods are there in teaching geography. But observation method is something unique and widely acceptable and usable method.

Observation refers to the direct knowledge we receive through things, events of the nature. We can observe through two ways directly and indirectly. Directly we get contact with the real object but it is not always available for direct contact. Through audio-visual and instructional materials, we observe the object indirectly.



Students get direct experience through direct method. It activates and energizes their knowledge. It avails much information through easy direct contact. Students actively participate in direct observation. It also helps in presenting the bookish knowledge in an interesting way by mixing one’s direct experiences with it. It is also interesting one.


This method is costly, time-consuming and not for all topics. Teacher’s facility, skill, time is also a factor. Sometimes indiscipline may develop out of observation.

But this method is more scientific that make geography teaching a concrete base in schools.