28 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers on Water Resources of India

1. Which rivers in India flow in rift valleys?

(i) The Narmada

(ii) The Tapi


2. Name the main physical features of the North plain.

(i) Bhabar

(ii) Tarai

(iii) Bhangar


(iv) Khadar and

(v) Bhur.

3. Divide the North Plains into subdivisions.

(i) The Indus Basin


(ii) The Ganga Basin

(iii) The Brahmaputra Valley

(iv) The Ganga-Brahmaputra Delta.

4. What is understood by the term ‘Doab’?


The Doab is the region or plain lying between two rivers.

5. Which valley is called ‘The Paradise on Earth’?

The Kashmir Valley.

6. Name the three major river systems of the Himalayas.


(i) The Indus river system

(ii) The Ganga river system

(iii)The Brahmaputra river system.

7. What are the two major river systems of the Indian Subcontinent?


(i) The Himalayan river system.

(ii) The Peninsular river system.

8. Give the names of major rivers of Peninsular India.

The Narmada, The Tapi, The Kaveri, The Krishna, The Godavari, The Mahanadi and The Pennar.

9. Name the tributaries of the Ganga.

(i) The Ghaghara

(ii) The Gomti

(iii) The Gandak

(iv) The Kosi

(v) The Tista

(vi) The Son.

10. Name the famous hill station situated in the South.

Udagamandalam (Ooty) in Tamil Nadu.

11. Which coast is known for its back waters?

The Malabar Coast in Kerala.

12. Which rivers of India flow in rift valleys?

The Narmada and the Tapi rivers.

13. Why do many peninsular rivers have straight and linear courses?

Because of hard rock bed and lack of silt and sand in their courses, they do not form meanders.

14. How much water can India use of the Indus river system according to Indus water Treaty?

20% of the total water carried by Indus river system.

15. Name the two main right bank tributaries of the Ganga.

(i) The Yamuna

(ii) The Son.

16. What is a braided stream?

A stream with small islands of sand and silt in between its course.

17. What are the main tributaries of the Godavari?

Purna, Wardha, Pranhita, Manjra, Wainganga and Penganga.

18. What are the other names of the Godavari?

Vridha Ganga and Dakshin Ganga.

19. Which states share the drainage of the Mahanadi?

Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and Maharashtra.

20. What is a lake?

A water body, completely surrounded by land is known as a lake.

21. Where is Wular Lake situated?

In Jammu and Kashmir.

22. How was it formed?

It was formed due to the tectonic activity.

23. Name some important fresh water lakes of India.

Dal Lake, Bhimtal, Nainital, Loktak and Barapani.

24. Which is the major salt water lake of India?

Sambhar Lake (Rajasthan).

25. Which areas of the rivers are the most productive areas of the world?

Estuaries where fresh and salty water mix with each other.

26. Have you heard about such action plans (River Action Plans)?

Yes, Ganga Action Plan I

Ganga Action Plan II.

Yamuna Action Plan.

27. How does our health get affected by polluted river water?

Several diseases water borne affects our health.

28. Imagine life of man without fresh water.

Fresh water is a prerequisite for human life.

If fresh water is not available:

i. Man’s existence on the globe will be out of question.

ii. No agricultural crop will grow.

iii. No industries will be there.

iv. All plant and animal kingdom will finish.