Delhi is one of the most important historical cities. It has a land of towers, turrets, tombs, temples, mausoleums, monuments, forts, etc. It has been the seat of many ancient empires, kingdoms, kings and princes. It has always been the centre of great Indian movements. It has been the capital Hindu Kings as well as Mughal Emperors. It is the star attraction of Indians and foreigners because of its great and rich background. It has been ruined and recreated times and again.

It was named as Indraprastha by the Pandavas and remained the capital of many Hindu Kingdoms for thousands of years. The Muslim Kings also made it their capital through almost every king rehabilitated it at some particular place. Delhi of Qutub-ud-in Aibak was situated around Qutub Minar and Mehrauli. The present Delhi was found by Shahajahan and Red Fort was his grand palace. Chandni Chowk used to be a beautiful lake during those days.

Round the city of Delhi there used to be a big wall which is now broken at many places. The city has many magnificent monuments like Qutub Minar, Humayun’s tomb, tombs at Safdarjung and Nizamuddin.

Delhi has been the capital for the entire period of British rule of India. Today it is the capital of free India and seat of Central Government, embassies and high commissions. It has great buildings like Parliament House, Rastrapati Bhawan etc. It has also many great trading centres with activity especially in the evenings amidst ensigns’ glittering lights and coloured fountains.


The city of Delhi is the attraction of all eyes. Everyone is interested and anxious to have a bud’s view of this ancient city. It is, indeed, a treasure chest of antiquity.