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Because of its peculiar geographical location the Indian Ocean is entirely different from the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans extend from the Arctic to the Antarctic Oceans.

Whereas there is the vast land mass of the continent of Asia to the north of the Indian Ocean with the result that the northern part of this ocean is different from all other oceans in many respects.

No doubt, the currents of the South Indian Ocean are similar to those of the South Atlantic Ocean. But since the North Indian Ocean is under the influence of the monsoon winds, its currents are strongly influenced by the summer as well as the winter monsoons.


It is entirely due to the dominant control of the monsoon that there is almost a complete reversal of the direction of currents flowing in the North Indian Ocean.

On the contrary, in the northern part of the South Indian Ocean the inter relationship between the ocean currents and the prevailing winds is quite obvious.

In the southern part of this ocean a great anticyclones system of currents, is present which is similar to the corresponding systems of the North and South Atlantic Ocean. However, the currents in this part of the ocean are subjected to greater annual variations.

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