Here is your essay on Tropical Monsoon Rainforest Area


This area is in two different locations. The first one is in the Western Ghats and the narrow coastal plain between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. This is termed as south-western area.

The second area is in the north-east in the southern Assam. This is called north­eastern area.

The main characteristic of the south-western area is the absence of any specific winter because in the hilly areas winter temperatures do not fall below 18°C while the temperature remains higher in the narrow coastal area.


The summer – April and May- has high temperature around 33°C. The early rainfall due to the strike of N.W Monsoons brings down the summer temperature by 4° to 5°C. In the month of August is experienced the effect of lowering of temperature by the monsoon winds.

The rainfall is above 200 cm and may go to over 300 cm at Mangalore and other stations in this area. However, the rain from May to November represents most of the annual rainfall. The rainfall reliability is high during the rainy season.

The selvas type forests represent rich forest growth, but the seasonal nature of rainfall does not make them dense. The forests arc open and arc not so thick as are found in the Equatorial areas of the world.

The trees are hard wooded. They are tall in size and there are many species of trees. The hard wood forests dominate and are a true representative of the climate of the area.

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