Brief notes on Rain Shadow Area of the Western Ghats


This area represents the main rain shadow of the Western Ghats and is situated between Western and Eastern Ghats. It extends from the south-west M.P. to Kanyakumari in the south passing through Maharashtra (central), Karnataka, western A.P and western T.N.

The hottest months are April and May when the average temperature goes above 32°C. The temperature in July and August goes down by about 5°C because of the onset of rains. The winters are not cool but remain warm with temperature around 22°C.

The rainfall is most unreliable. Most of the places receive rainfall of around 50-55 cm. A substantial drop in rainfall brings about drought.


The famines have always been common in this region. The poor soil and rocky conditions make it a famine stricken region. Most of the rain is run-off because of little absorbing capacity.

The dry grass is common vegetation. It is used for grazing purposes. Poor feed potentials and recurring droughts make animal husbandry a poor source of economy.

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