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Plato the great philosopher lamented the destruction of soils and forests in ancient Greece. Dickens and Engels discussed eloquently the conditions created by industrial revolution. However, the surge about environmental quality over the last three decades has been a concern for everybody. Man on the earth realized the value of environmental purity. Perhaps the most dramatic intellectual shifts are taking place in the third world where the ecological under spennings of human life lost in the struggle for industrialization. The progress-oriented thoughts are favoring fast growth even if it is harmful to human races. The theories are more of relief for underfed and protection to environment. This can be the mutually supportive goal for our activity.

The concept affected the thinking of bigger nations who as much opted for new laws, altered aid programmes and the trend was to bring change in international treaties. Even then, the response remained inadequate to the needs. The I need f the day is to protect whatever is in balance. An action I towards the goal can be taken up effectively if we understand 1 the actual meaning of pollution.

The literal meaning of pollution is to make dirty, act of making something foul etc. In its normal sense, the pollution depicts environmental pollution. It is more of unfavorable alternation of our surroundings. The causes are changing fuels and energy patterns, physical and chemical combination and abundance of organisms. It pollutes the air and renders it unsuitable for breathing, spoils the water and the soil.


Cooking over wood and cow dung cakes spoils the atmosphere. May rural areas and cities are engulfed with smoke and foul smell. This causes respiratory diseases (asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis). Those staying near refineries are exposed cancer due to toxic substances.

Pollution is cropping in air, water arid sound and has disastrous effect on humanity and other animation around Pesticides, fertilizers and solid or semisolid garbage spoil the connected food, plants, air, water and soil. The unhealthy effects are for stomach infections, skin diseases and other hazards.

The modern world has another pollution to face that is nose pollution. The loud-speakers, loud music, vehicle horns contribute large share and, in between, the loud sound of marriage “band” affects the mind of those who are exposed to such factor. The next and the most dangerous cause is the continuously increasing population. The earth has a heavy load of people. This creates wastes and consumes resources extensively.

The limit fixed has already been crossed in countries in Asia. In the same way, urbanization is fatly increasing and, thus, our cities or metros are getting faster pollution. Industrialization also attracts the rural population to shift rapidly and cause damages. The overpopulation disturbed the solar radiation. This all adds more stresses to biosphere. Some metros have so much enlargement of population that it is difficult for the municipalities to maintain the proper provision for civic facilities.


The problems are socially, economically and politically so deep rooted in the society that the dependents of political structures or vote banks fail to take any effective action. In reality, cleaning measures fall upon the industries or groups who are not in the position to spare anything out of their profits. The legal aspects and cost of controls as needed are tangible and easily figures, but there are no ways existing for assessment the benefits of pollution reduction. People apt to bypass the law can repeat the factors contributing to pollution.

‘Cigarette smoking’ and propaganda against it is opposed by the industry for their own motive. They move the boat in the reverse stream and follow anti-pollution-policies with a purpose to ignite inquisitiveness about smoking in common man’s mind. Thus, while these people are appearing to do good for the society, they are, in fact, getting easy publicity in disguise.

Despite best arrangement of boards and departments, the problem has very faint and dim results. None of the Govt. agencies can explain the causes of this failure.

The importance of clean environment has been realized well in India. Government is providing funds in fiver year plans for the purpose. It is, however, felt that unless the fixed legislations are enforced with sufficient political will, all the laws enforced are rendered futile. Creation of better awareness and mass education about pollution can possibly help to make the measures effective. Policies and voluntary efforts can certainly restrict the causes if done and followed with dedication.


Environmental choices must be guided by the vision of a desirable human society and of the quality of the ‘natural environment needed to support the concept. People have to accept the vision for it and make up a mind to fight against pollution.

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