Life is not a bed of roses. There are more sorrows than joys in life, if someone thinks deeply about it and becomes upset, he can never be happy. We cannot ignore the bitter truths of life and can only search some moments of happiness to keep ourselves satisfied.

The idea of a happy life differs from man to man. True happiness is just a state of mind. It is no way connected with material glory and eminence. There are people who think that happiness is hidden in wealth.

These people are very much sure that the rich lot enjoys life to its fullest. They do what they wish with no worry at all. If this were true, kings and millionaires would be perfectly happy. They would then know no sorrow. But this is not the fact. They are hardly happy. Again there are people who find happiness in high rank and authority. This is also not true.

Whatever may be the concept of happiness one thing is clear that there is no one in this vast world who is satisfied with what he has. It is human nature to wish for more and more and this is the reason of all the miseries. Hence a life of contentment is essential for happiness. One would be satisfied with one’s present lot. There is no limit of worldly possessions.


If some one wishes to have all type of luxury things, it well be the invitation of sorrow and nothing else. Here we can quote the words of Swami Ram Tirth, “Easiest way to the greatest happiness is the most faithful use of what you possess.” Our aim must not be acquiring more and more but keeping satisfied ourselves with what we have acquired.

We must always try to keep our mental state within limit. It is equally important to minimise our wants. Chirst, Buddha, Gandhi, all gave stress on the importance of voluntary renunciation of the worldly possessions to achieve true happiness the greater the simplicity of life, the greater the happiness.

Some people think good health is also very necessary for happiness. According to them a man with sound health is always happy. On the countrary one who loses his health loses everything.

Such a man craves for only good health so as to enjoy happy moments of his life. But all these are our illusions. The reality is that there is no such instrument by which we can find out that this man is happy and that man is unhappy.


Our happiness solely depends upon our mentality. If we feel that we are happy, then we are really happy otherwise not. There are people who enjoy life in its fullest even though he has little belongings just opposite there are people who never seem to be happy inspite of having much more.

I think real happiness buries behind one man’s acts. We must do the right thing and with no intention to harm anyone. We must not envy those people who have plenty of wealth.

Happiness is nowhere but is living in our heart. It is better to peep into our heart to get it rather than to search for it. We must keep oursleves contented and do our work honestly. An honest worker, who earns his living by useful toil, can hold up his head and respect himself and here lies true happiness.